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About Us

Quality Workmanship

At Roy Smith Signature Furniture we are dedicated to building high quality furniture for those who expect the very best in design, construction, longevity and most importantly...quality workmanship.

We Do It Your Way

Whether it's a simple table or a complete room of furniture, every project is customized and built with your specific taste, function and desires in mind. Utilizing the finest quality materials in choices such as imported exotic woods, veneers or even 100 year old reclaimed lumber.


Commissioned projects begin with a simple discussion with the customer.  The projects functionality, color, wood species and finish are special considerstions.  Many times the design comes from either a photo of a similar piece or a torn out page from a magazine or catalog.  Sometimes the idea  comes from a cell phone photo of a piece in a recently visited store.  The ideas and changes then get transferred to a dimentional line drawing for further discussion about the design details.  Also, from this line drawing an estimate about the amount of lumber necessary to complete the project is determined. From this compilation of information an accurate project cost and time necessary for completion can then be given to the customer.


Occasionally, the project concept begins with a "clean sheet" of paper and goes from there.


Depending on either the size of the project or its value, a request to the customer for advanced funds may be necessarry.  During the building process, the customer is contacted and advised of the project progress with pictures and text (if media enable).  Customer visits to the wood shop during the building process are encouraged and welcomed.  The entire effort is to produce exactly what the customer is anticipatting.  If the customer is not happy at any stage in the process, I am not happy.


Near the finishing point, samples can be made for color comparision, finish type and sheen.  In some cases the customer may have a trusted finisher to complete the finsihing portion of the project, no problem.


Each piece I produce is unique and I sign and date each one. None of my work is mass produced, but hand crafted by someone who loves what he doesThe end result is a big smile on the customer's face.


Commissioned Projects

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